Ad-hoc Consultancy Meeting

We can chat online for one hour about your project idea, what technologies you can use to create it, how to hire software developers and i'll add as much information as I can into that hour. Only after I receive confirmation of your payment I will accept the meeting that you can create from , specific for Europe timezones.

Feedback from collaborations


"It's rare that you come across someone so keen to improve and continue learning, combined with already extensive knowledge and experience. I had the pleasure of working with Gabi on a freelance project, during which I was particularly impressed by her friendly, amenable communication style and taking the technical lead to forge ahead and get things done. Looking forward to working with you again!"


"Really enjoyed our time working with Gabi. She is a very accomplished Android dev and has a fantastic work ethic."


"Gabriela developed an Android app and coordinated 2 of our junior developers working on different functional modules of the app. She has demonstrated good development skills, creativity, passion, proactive approach and motivation so I would highly recommend her for developer role."


"With Gabi around in the team you will have a good time and a lot of laughs. We worked together for half a year with the Visma Proceedo web shop, digging into the details of how large organisations place orders. Gabi have a great interest in understanding the business value of a feature, giving suggestions on how it can be improved with an open mind. Wherever Gabi will head in the future I know she will give all her best."

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What two professional/career highlights are you most proud of?

I am extremely proud of all the projects that I contributed in my career so far, either as a full time team member at various companies or working with my partner on side projects. My latest side-projects are: [Wedding planner]( (to help us manage our own wedding) and 'The Pantry App' (a web app meant to help keeping track of your food shopping with privacy in the first row seat) - still WIP.

When was the last time you insisted on something?

I insist all the time to fulfil my dreams and honor my contracts in a partnership. I always give my best in my work and striving to be proud of the result.

Do you prefer working as a Software Engineer Consultant or creating projects with the goal to find the right product?

Creating is at the core of why I do what I do. Either for my clients or with my own ideas. Having ideas is a strength that I take with me in my side projects and in professional partnerships. I like to help when the projects are ethical, strong privacy advocates and doesn't support meaningless consumerism. My main activity is creating projects that I am really passionate about and technical consultancy (coding for other companies) has to be around that.

Can you please share links to projects that you're proud of? These could include apps, portfolios, a github profile and/or anything else that showcases your best work.

Please check out 'Projects' and 'Blog' content from the menu above. You will find a lot of information about this topic.